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  • Consulting & Electronic Design
  • /assets/images/logo.png” alt=””>Is your product partially complete, in the prototype stage, or just need improvement? We have the resources to handle all or any part of product development. If all you need is the electronics designed or just improved, we have electronic engineers and programmers to finish it up. If you already have everything designed except the PC Boards, we can do the pcb layout for you, including all the manufacturing documentation in the format you desire. No job is too small or too big. If we don’t have all the in house resources, we have expert level, experienced partners to fill in the gaps. Whether you need us to do a large part, or just a small part of the design, we’ll get the right people for the job and give you our best effort.

We provide Cost-effective Electronic Fabrication and Assembly Services PCB Fabrication
and Assembly Prototyping services-small batch local or offshore in
Taiwan, Korea, Mexico, China

Advanced Designs Inc. has developed close relationships with PCB manufacturers and several small and large electronic assemblers and other contract manufacturers, both domestic and offshore. This allows us to get exceptional pricing and service, especially when it comes to the assembly of PC boards. We also offer off-shore fabrication at greatly discounted pricing.