Experts in PCB Design & Layout

There’s a lot more to PCB layout than just placing parts and making connections. Our designers have more than 10 years experience some more than 25 years. We have done the most complicated boards imaginable. 16 layers with over 8000 connections, blind and buried vias, 64 matched length differential pairs feeding into 1000+ pin BGA, with a 5 gigahertz RF section. We can handle complicated stackups, back drilling, Flex and Rigid/Flex designs. It doesn’t get harder than that!

Jason Dunlap, President of Advanced Designs Inc. was a leading contender for the coveted Top Gun award, and has been designing PCBs since the 1980s. We know what we’re doing, we know how to do it in a timely manner, and we know how to make it manufacturable. We use the best tools: Orcad, PADS Powerpcb, Allegro, DXDesigner, Solidworks, Autocad. We can also take instruction and work closely with your engineers. We can share our desktops, work live online and virtually attend meetings no matter where you’re located, better than if we were in-house, and down the hall.

  • Editing and updating of existing designs
  • Detailed Thermal & Signal Integrity analysis available.
  • If we don’t have an in-house or contracted expert, we know who to call. We organize technical teams


  • Final database files, both schematic and layout files (you get everything)
  • Gerber files, ODB++, and all required manufacturing documentation
  • Special 3D CAD of the board on request as a step file and other formats.
  • Fab and assembly dwgs to your specifications or other outputs requested

We Do it All

From concept to prototype to mass production, Advanced Designs has you covered.

Check out all our services:  Electronic Design, Schematic capture, industrial and artist’s concepts, offshore manufacturing, Plastic mold design, Mechanical design, complete product development.

Although we excel in delivering turnkey designs that include all of the above services, we also engage clients by performing only a subset of these services. Regardless, we become an extension of your development team and work closely with your engineers. When we develop a turnkey system, we deliver a working prototype with complete documentation. We support our clients; call us any time after the project is complete and we’ll be here to help.

Send Us Your Files!

Just call us at (408) 377-6557 or provide the following information in the email to [email protected]
Name of your Company, Address, City, State, Zip, Contact Name, Contact email and Contact Phone #.
Send as much information as possible, including electronic schematic files such as, OrCAD DSN, mechanical DWG’s, DXF, PDF’s, Bills of Materials, and any other document’s that might be useful, We’ll contact you if we need anything else to create the quote for your project. Also, let us know how many printed circuit boards you will be fabricating on your first run, and how many you will want to have assembled.

Email: [email protected] | Call us at: (408) 377-6557

Get a Fab or Assembly Quote

Send us your gerber format and other output files and we’ll negotiate the best possible price to fabricate your PCB’s regardless of quantity. We typically can get you a fab quote in just a few hours. If you need assembly as well, include a Bill of Materials and we will quote you a complete turnkey service that includes purchasing all components, 3D, Zero-Defect inspection and shipping. We can do it all, or any part of your project. If you’re not sure what we need to get you a quote, call us or email us and we’ll figure it out together. No job is too small or too complicated.