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Design Flow – How We Work With You

Design Flow – How We Work With You

What We Need from You

  • Schematic and/or netlist: We prefer a schematic database in either OrCAD™ , DxDesigner™ , or PowerLogic™ format. You can also provide just a valid netlist, in the proper design format. (PADS™ , Protel™ , Altium™ , Allegro™ , or Expedition™ )
  • Datasheets for every component that we will be creating footprints for. If not available, we can acquire them.
  • Mechanical dimensions: A dimensioned board outline drawing, with exact locations of critical components such as connectors. An AutoCAD or DXF file is also acceptable.
  • Design rules and any special instructions for critical nets and other details. (If needed, we provide a “Design Rules Checklist” to aide this process)

Working with Us is Simple

We don’t bury you in an endless array of approval forms or delay your project while waiting for some form to arrive before we go to the next step. We will let you know what we need and when we need it, up front. There will be no approval forms to sign. Our 4-step approval cycle is simple:

  1. Placement: Board outline is created and parts are placed.
  2. Critical routes: clocks, differential pairs and matched lengths are routed.
  3. Final routing: All connections are completed.
  4. Final approval: All documentation for fabrication and assembly is generated.

No Forms Required

As your PCB design progresses, your designer will keep in touch with you on a regular basis, asking questions and keeping you apprised of the progress. At various stages, your PCB designer may email or call you and ask for approval for some detail or other; simply worded email approval is acceptable. When each of the above 4 steps are completed, we will either email the design file to you or share the desktop with you and you can comment and approve in a follow-up email. We will likely continue with the PCB design process while waiting for your approval. If any changes are necessary, we’ll make them on the fly.

Changes Don’t Bother Us

We are here to serve, and realize changes are often necessary. We expect one or two hours of miscellaneous engineering changes and usually include this with our bids. We want you to feel comfortable giving your designer instructions, making major or minor changes to placement and routing. We understand that every engineer has their own way of doing things. We want you to have it your way.

Personal Attention

Advanced Designs wants to give you more personal attention than your typical design house because we want to develop a partnership that will enhance both our futures. Engineers have stated that the top 3 complaints they have with PCB layout contractors are: Lack of timely progress updates, lack of personal attention, failure to meet reasonable schedules. We’ve solved these major problems by only assigning one job per designer, sending timely, progress updates by email or a phone call, and promptly letting you know when or if your project has any schedule changes.

Your Satisfaction is Our First Concern

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