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Turnkey Fab and Assembly Services

Turnkey Fab and Assembly Services

Getting the Best Price for Fabrication is a Matter of Timing

When a fab house is not busy, they are much more flexible with their pricing. Advanced Designs shops for the best prices within a select group of high quality domestic vendors that will give us the best pricing on low quantity prototypes or high quantity production runs.

Advanced Designs also offers some of the lowest prices from our off-shore contacts in both China and Korea. You do not have to deal with the language barrier that makes off-shore fabrication difficult and we can usually get a 10-day turnaround on prototype runs. Whether prototype or long-term, high quantity production runs, we find you a cost-effective solution. When the product is cost-sensitive, sending your job off-shore may be the best solution. We will handle all the details.

Turnkey Fab and Assembly Services

Advanced Designs provide a “One Stop” service. We will find you the best deals and everything is billed through Advanced Designs, Inc. We can do it all, in one Turnkey service, from concept to shelf.

Zero Defect Assembly-Prototype and Production Quantities

Advanced Designs Inc. teams up with Altest Corporation, the Premier California Assembly House. Our Zero-Defect promise is supported by the industry’s best equipment. The latest 3D X-Ray inspection equipment finds small defects, under BGA, misaligned parts, and bad solder joints. We promise Zero-Defects because our modern equipment gives us the highest precision, with high speed and low tolerances. With over 30 years of experience in the product assembly business, Altest Corporation and Advanced Designs Inc. are the best team for your projects. You will save money, time and effort. Our turnkey services include purchasing and kitting of components at exceptional pricing.

Turnkey Fab and Assembly Services

Altest owns On Electronics, a component distributor, giving us a price advantage few if any other assembly vendors can match. Visit Altest’s website for more details:

Do It Right, the Easy Way

Advanced Designs makes the most complex jobs as easy as pushing the SEND button on your email. As your project manager, Jason Dunlap offers a complete service from concept to completely assembled Printed Circuit Boards and delivers them to you in a timely manner. You will be kept informed every step of the way, as your project progresses.

Let Advanced Designs do the busy work and handle the details.

Personal Attention

Advanced Designs wants to give you more personal attention than your typical design house because we want to develop a partnership that will enhance both our futures. Engineers have stated that the top 3 complaints they have with PCB layout contractors are: Lack of timely progress updates, lack of personal attention, failure to meet reasonable schedules. We’ve solved these major problems by only assigning one job per designer, sending timely, progress updates by email or a phone call, and promptly letting you know when or if your project has any schedule changes.